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    The World's First Self-Sealing and Changing Trash Can

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Finally, a cleaner way to deal with trash.

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How Does It Work?

townew does the work for you.

All you have to do is hold the touch button, and grab the trash bag once the sealing is complete. Once you've removed the sealed bag, the lid will close and automatically pull a new trash bag in place. Yes, it's that easy! No leaks, no stink, no mess. 

Trash day just got a lot easier.

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"townew is life changing, the new tech that they provide to seal and change the trash bag is a total game changer."

Josh Bellamy, NFL New York Jets

"townew makes light of the one chore no one likes: dealing with the trash."

Gadget Flow

"We now have robots that can vacuum and mop our floors and cat litter boxes that are self-cleaning. So it’s high time that we have a trashcan that can clean itself as well as open and close with a wave of your hand." 

The Gadgeteer

"If we speak in an ideal use for townew, disposable diapers baby is the first thing that comes to mind, since the seal isolates the smell without problems. In general, any waste that generates bad smells will find a good ending here."

Digital Trends

It’s the same plastic that LEGO uses for many of its bricks—and if you’ve ever stepped on one of those, you know just how durable it is.

Mental Floss

Durable Trash Bag Refills

Replace the refill ring about once a month . . . And that's it! Trade in your traditional garbage bags for our durable trash bags made with PE Material which is better for the environment.

townew recyclable refill ring

Recyclable Refill Rings

A new trash bag is automatically replaced once a full one is taken out. Our refill rings are 100% recyclable! Each refill rings contains up to 25 durable trash bags, each lasting approximately one month. 

townew refill ring
townew trash bag

Self-Sealing and Changing Technology

Overload Feature

Infrared Sensing

Odor Protection

Rechargeable Battery

Lid Open Mode

A Modern Design

The exterior is built with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, an engineering-grade plastic that has a high resistant to chemical, impact, and electrical insulation. It can also withstand humidity and different temperatures.

townew trash can


Product Weight: 3.6kg 
Package Weight: 5.1kg 
Product Size: 240 x 310 x 402 mm/ 9.4 x 12.2 x 15.8 in  Packing Size: 293 x 343 x 463mm / 11.5 x 13.5 x 18.2 in

Battery specification: 12V 2.2AH 
Charging time: 10H 
Adapter specification: 13.8V 0.65A 

Functional and Decorative

townew innovation technology

Expect More From Your Trash Can

It's about time you add a little clean and convenience to your home.